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1. Basic

         Home Page


           Modern Japanese First Editions

           Western Books in Japanese Translation


           Books about Japan and Books Translated from the Japanese

           Japanese Militarism




2. Pages and Links giving Advice and Information

           Identifying Japanese First Editions  A guide for non-Japanese speakers.

           Japan Diary A bookish look at Japan, starting September 19th, 2005.


3. Other collections

           Japanese Antiques and Curios This has developed into two main areas of interest.

                  Firstly, there is the collection of Buddhist and Shinto statuary and temple art.

                  Then there is the collection of everyday objects in old Japan.

           (The following links are not related to Japan.)

           Victorian Women Books by and about women in the 19th century.

           Heads that Rolled; the Books of the Martyrs Books by and about those who

                  suffered for their beliefs in the 16th and 17th centuries.

           A 15th century Book of Hours Also has pages on a manuscript commentary on

                  Thomas of Aquinas.


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