Rare Books in Japan
Yukio Mishima

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1. Hashi Zukushi  (The Seven Bridges) signed, limited, boxed edition

2. Sado Koushaku Fujin signed, limited, boxed

3. Confessions of a Mask

4. Forbidden Colours

5. Temple of the Golden Pavilion

1. Hashi Zukushi  (The Seven Bridges)


This is a very special copy of Mishima's work. In itself a lavish production, not only is it a signed, limited edition (number 84 of 120 copies printed), but this particular copy  was also presented to Paul Schrader by Mishima's wife, Yoko, in the autumn of 1983, when he was embarking on the movie Mishima, which he co-wrote and directed. This copy comes complete with a letter by Paul Schrader, explaining the circumstances in which he received it.

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Text of Paul Schrader's letter:

In the fall of 1983, while meeting with Madame (Yoko) Mishima at her home in Tokyo to discuss the film on the life of Mishima I was preparing to make, M. Mishima and I exchanged gifts. I gave her a Tiffany vase; in turn she presented me with two books:

(1) "Hashi Zukushi" ("The Seven Bridges), a numbered and signed book of short stories, number 84 of a limited edition of 120.
(2) "Sado Koushaku Fujin" ("Madame de Sade"), a limited edition which had been signed by her husband.

Both books were in their original cases.

Above: Mishima's signature and copyright page

Below: Holograph letter by Paul Schrader

2. Sado Koushaku Fujin signed, limited, boxed

Mishima's signature


This is also a signed, limited, boxed edition (one of 380 printed), presented to Paul Schrader by Yoko Mishima. A second signed letter from Paul Schrader also accompanies this volume.

$1950 e-mail

At the time that these copies were presented to Mishima's wife, relations between her and Paul Schrader were cordial. Later on, however, they fell out. She disapproved of the way Mishima was depicted in the movie (basically, she objected to scenes showing Mishima's homosexuality) and, because of her influence, the movie - which won an award at the Cannes Film Festival in 1985 - has never been screened in Japan. In addition to receiving these two items from Paul Schrader, I received a copy of the movie, along with a covering note:


I wasn't able to locate the photo I told of M. Mishima. All correspondence with her came through Jun Shiragi, literary executor of the estate. Sorry I couldn't provide more. Here's a brief statement of how I received the books as well as a DVD of the film.

Paul Schrader

3. Confessions of a Mask

Book: 仮面の告白 (Kamen no Kokuhaku)
English title: Confessions of a Mask

Author: Yukio Mishima
Published: July 5, Showa 24 (1949)
Condition: Worn and agestained. Missing
publisher's wraparound band

$650 e-mail

5. Temple of the Golden Pavilion: Click here!

Another difficult Mishima title - not so much in that copies are hard to come across, but they are nearly always in this kind of condition and lack the wraparound band. Copies in decent condition and with the band intact can fetch up to $10,000.

4. Forbidden Colours


Above: Forbidden Colours. Above right: The Easy Secret

Right: Forbidden Colours copyright page
Lower right: The Easy Secret copyright page

Book: 禁色 (Kinjiki) & 秘楽 (Higyou)
English title: Forbidden Colours & The Easy Secret
Author: Yukio Mishima
Edition: First editions, in Japanese. Nov 10, Showa 26 (1951); Sept 30, Showa 28 (1953). With dust jackets (vol. 1 has no wraparound band, as issued; vol. 2 lacks the band).
Condition: Faded, worn, age-stained; repairs to inner dust jackets.

Although this is one of Mishima's better-known works, the original books were cheaply produced, and this title is almost impossible to find in decent condition. Unlike the English translation, the original work was published in two volumes, a couple of years apart.

This set has been SOLD However, I currently have two other sets. Please e-mail me for details of condition, etc.

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