Rare Books in Japan
Japanese movies

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1. Movie Posters

Izu Dancer
Hibotan Bakuto
The Sun's Burial

2. Chambara magazines


1. Movie Posters
Izu dancer

Above: The Izu Dancer. Original 1960 poster for the Shochiku movie adaptation of Yasunari Kawabata's classic tale.  Excellent condition. Uncommon $115 e-mail


Below: ꉲOk (Hibotan Bakuto; The Red Peony Gambler), directed by Yamashita Kousaku and starring Sumiko Fuji (1968).
Original two-poster set, near-perfect condition, small tear to top of second poster (see below, right). $245

Above: Kanjūrō Arashi (Y) stars in Kakubejishi* (pqq), one of the movies in the Kurama Tengu* (Tengu on horseback) series. Original poster, 1951. In excellent condition, with several inconspicuous small tears (see below). Scarce $115 e-mail
*Kakubejishi is the name of an acrobatic dance performed during the Edo
*Tengu is a mythical Japanese creature.

Small tears to one side of Izu Dancer poster

Small tear to top of second "Red Peony Gambler" poster

2. Chambara magazines

Chambara magazines from the golden age of cinematic swordfighting.
Published (clockwise, from top left), 1962, 1969, 1970, 1971

Two of these magazines have (slightly damaged) fold-out posters. Sumiko Fuji features prominently in all of them.

Condition: well-preserved with some small tears and other signs of wear.

Price (for all four): $75

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