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NALSON, John (chronicler of King Charles I, q.v.)
NEILE, Richard, Archbishop of York (accused  of Catholic sympathies by Henry Burton, q.v.)
NEVILLE, Edward (associated with Reginald Pole and beheaded in 1538)
OATES, Titus (ringleader of the gang of perjurers who testified to the Popish Plot, 1678)
PALMER, Herbert (Well-connected Puritan divine, who avoided any serious penalty for his views)

PERCY, or PIERCY, Thomas (Gunpowder plotter)
POLE, Geoffrey (Reginald Pole's brother; imprisoned in the Tower of London, but later released)
POLE, Henry, Baron Montague (Reginald Pole's brother; beheaded, 1538)
POLE, Margaret (Reginald Pole's mother; beheaded in 1541)
POLE, Cardinal Reginald (Henry VIII's "enemy overseas"; Henry took his revenge by destroying his family)
PENN, William (Quaker founder of Pennsylvania; implicated in the Jacobite plot of 1690-91)
PLUNKETT, Oliver (executed in 1681 as an alleged conspirator in the Popish Plot)
PRYNNE, William (Puritan pamphleteer, persecuted under Laud and later Laud's persecutor)

ROOKEWOOD, or ROOKWOOD, Ambrose (Implicated in the Gunpowder Plot)
ROTHWEL, Richard (Puritan divine who fended off his persecutors with a sword)
RUBEUS, Ioannes (17th century biographer of Maurus [William] Scott, q.v.)
SCOTT, Dom Maurus, or Williams (Catholic, martyred at Tyburn in 1612)
SELBY, John Wilfrid (i.e., Ioannes Rubeus)
SHARP, James, Archbishop of St. Andrews (murdered in 1679)
STUART, King Charles I (beheaded by the Puritans in 1649) Click HERE for works by, or attributed to, King Charles.
SUCK ALL CREAM (i.e., Samuel Clarke, q.v.)

TESMOND, Oswald (Jesuit priest implicated in the Gunpowder Plot)

TRESHAM, Francis (implicated in the Gunpowder Plot)
THWING, Thomas (executed in 1680 as an alleged conspirator in the Popish Plot)
TUDOR, King Henry VIII (the person who started it all!)
TURNER, Francis, Bishop of Ely (implicated in the Jacobite plot of 1690-91 and one of the "Seven Bishops" charged by James II)
TURNER, Anthony (executed in 1679 as an alleged conspirator in the Popish Plot)
WALLACE, Adam (Scottish Protestant martyr)
WISCHARD, or WISEHEART, OR WISHARD, George (burned for trying to make a match between Henry VIII's son, Edward, and Mary, Queen of Scots)
WHITEBREAD or WHITBREAD, Thomas (i.e., Thomas Harcourt, q.v.)
WHITEMAN, Edward (Puritan, burned as a heretic in 1612)
WILSON, John (17th century Catholic martyrologist)

WINTER, Robert (Gunpowder Plotter)

WINTER, Thomas (Gunpowder Plotter)
WOLSEY, Cardinal Thomas (failed to procure an annulment of Henry VIII's marriage to Catherine of Aragon; died after being charged with treason in 1530)

WRIGHT, Christopher (Gunpowder plotter)

WRIGHT, John (Gunpowder plotter)
WRIGHT, Peter (Jesuit martyr)